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TV adaptation of Poorna Bell’s ‘In Case of Emergency’ in development

In Case of Emergency

TV adaptation of Poorna Bell’s ‘In Case of Emergency’ in development

We are incredibly excited to be developing acclaimed writer and award-winning journalist Poorna Bell’s début novel IN CASE OF EMERGENCY for television.

It tells the story of South Asian marketing superstar Bel Kumar, who lives a high-flying and insta-perfect life in London. That is, until a disastrous day at work ends abruptly with a terrible accident that leaves her waking up in hospital with no-one close to call. But who can Bel turn to in a crisis? She’s never been good at asking for help but now she’s forced to reconnect with the most important people from her past.

Poorna Bell: “It’s an absolute dream to be working with Brock Media, especially given our aligned vision for how to bring IN CASE OF EMERGENCY to a TV format, to create something truly game-changing. The opportunity to collaborate with South-Asian creatives and give them a platform is a life-long goal, as well as pushing narratives for Brown people that exist beyond the stereotypes, which are slowly starting to make their way onscreen. I can’t wait to get started and see what we can create together.”

Rohina Cameron-Perera: “Growing up on an appetite of SEX AND THE CITY reruns, this is a show that many of us wish had also existed. One that as South Asian women, we would be able to see ourselves in, and feel less alone as we dealt with the throes of adulthood. From seemingly successful careers, to complicated, and often disappointing, romantic relationships, IN CASE OF EMERGENCY explores how hyper independence may not always be a good thing – revealing the importance of family and friendship. Embracing authenticity with an ensemble of South Asian women from different cultures and generations, Poorna proves that Brown everyday lives are funny, wildly messy and completely relatable.”